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Great Home Remodeling Contractors

Home Remodeling Experts

Remodeling a home is one of the most important decisions that you can make when it comes to your home. Home remodeling can be an expensive undertaking and is a decision that you will likely live with for many years, you should therefore make sure to hire the best possible home remodeling contractor for the job.
On this page we will discuss some of the best home remodeling contractors. We will mention contractors in all fields of home remodeling in order to guide you to the best decision for your project.

Home Remodeling blog 

Your house is a very important part of your life; this is most likely the place where you spend the majority of your time, where you spend time with your family, where you go to relax after a long exhausting day at work, and where you stay when you are sick. We know that you value your house greatly and we want to help you turn your house into your home. At the Home Remodeling Blog we will discuss a variety of topics related to your home and to home remodelling, these will range from home remodeling, to gardening, to raising your children; if it relates to your home we will talk about it.

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Custom Landscape Design VA

TerraScape Design Build Co. Inc. is a home improvement company based in Northern Virginia specializing in both interior and exterior remodeling and renovation services. The company offers a full range of design and build services intended to make any remodeling project as convenient and stress-free as possible. With the design and build concept, TerraScape Design Build Co. Inc., brings together a group of designers, architects, builders and sub-contractors as a unified team to work on a single shared vision which strategically prevents conflict and miscommunication typically observed in a multi-contractor/provider set up. Homeowners are pretty much in the driver’s seat as the company provides their customers with a single point of contact from the first draft and design concept phase through final construction/clean-up. The design and build concept allows for the delivery of an award-winning design, the execution of quality craftsmanship and the adherence to a predictable process.
Some of the high quality services that TerraScape Design Build Co. Inc. offers include: exterior – landscaping, outdoor fireplaces, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, fountains and waterfalls, patios and walkways, etc and for interior – basement finishing and remodeling, home theaters and media rooms, kitchen and bath remodeling among others.
With over 20 years of experience, TerraScape offers its customers the peace of mind that comes from the partnering with a reputable and professional home improvement contractor. With the company’s commitment to quality service delivery and excellent craftsmanship, customers can be assured that any remodeling project becomes an investment rather than expenditure.

East Coast Landscape Design 

Landscape Design and Installation

East Coast Landscape Design is one of the leading licensed landscaping companies in the Washington D.C. area. Located in Montgomery County, Maryland, East Coast Landscape Design has over 25 solid years of experience in projects involving landscape design and installation, hardscapes and waterscapes. The company’s team of plant and hardscape installation professionals has been instrumental in bringing about beauty and functionality to neighborhoods in and around Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C
East Coast Landscape Design can literally transform any outdoor space to a work of art by employing creative design concepts which adds value, functionality and splendor to a home. Beauty does not always necessarily come with a price as East Coast Landscape Design can work with homeowners in coming up with a plan that fits their budget yet still makes it possible for them to achieve their dream design. As a leading professional licensed landscaping company in DC, East Coast Landscape Design virtually eliminates most problems encountered by homeowners in their attempt to hire, evaluate and work with a professional landscaping contractor. Customers can be assured of an “intangible” return on their investment as East Coast Landscape Design is renowned for delivering high quality and aesthetically pleasing landscape projects that makes any home stand out from the rest. The company’s service excellence and competency are such that it has been featured nationally on TV via HGTV’s hit show “Curb Appeal”.

Litchfield Builders 

Residential and Commercial Remodeling

Litchfield Builders Inc is a full service residential and commercial building company based in Hamden, Connecticut. From planning and design to the actual building and remodeling phase of a project, the company applies a touch of professionalism and quality construction to bring about the best possible outcome for customers. The level of engagement is such that the company provides customer service that exceeds expectations through its high quality craftsmanship. Every project is special and is handled with utmost diligence and care which ensures consistent service delivery that is within budget and set deadlines. These quality activities support the company’s goal of making every customer its “client for life”. Such dedication to excellence and high quality service does not end when a project has been completed but the company sees to it that inspection and last minute details are taken care of before a final walkthrough is undertaken with customers. This is really a trademark of excellence that has made Litchfield Builders a multiple award winner dating back from the year 2000. From a simple renovation of an interior or exterior of a building or structure to the addition of an entire section to a home or office, Litchfield Builders Inc, is a name that homeowners and businesses can trust when it comes to building and remodeling.

VIP Special Services 

General Services Contractor FL

VIP Special Services positions itself as a company with employees that care thus making them standout as a general services contractor. VIP Special Services maintains its corporate headquarters in New Jersey with offices in Charlotte, NC, Savannah, GA, and Florida virtually servicing the entire East Coast.
VIP Special Services offers quality care services to homes and commercial establishments from high-rises to such facilities as hospitals, office complexes, schools and colleges. The company offers general contractor services at handyman rates which includes bird proofing, construction clean up, deck restoration, floor care, gutter maintenance, painting, pressure washing, roofing, snow plowing, weatherproofing, caulking, sealing, window cleaning, window tinting, and window treatment installation sales and repair.
VIP Special Services highlights window tinting as one of its best services as they have the most experienced installers in the industry offering high quality craftsmanship that would satisfy every customer. Their professionalism and attention to details also sets them apart in the commercial painting services which covers both interior and exterior for homes and businesses. The painting and coating services they offer range from airless spraying, steel coating, textured coatings to floor and deck finishes. Their unique window treatment installation sales & repair services is made possible by a mobile trailer equipped with state-of-the-art technology like Ultrasonic cleaning. Aside from offering convenient blind cleaning and repairs, they also carry a wide variety of custom blinds like vertical blinds, pleated shades, mini blinds, wood blinds, and silhouettes among others.
VIP Special Services is truly a full service company offering professional and high quality services to businesses and homeowners alike. The company is very keen on customer satisfaction that they guarantee their services to the extent that they will return for free for any service that would be less than satisfactory.

Wild Development 

Home Remodeling Pheonix, AZ

Wild Development LLC is a Phoenix home remodeling company serving the areas of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Tempe, and Chandler in Arizona. The company offers a wide range of services from complete home renovations to minor interior cosmetic changes. Major services include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, master bedroom suites, wine cellars and wet bars, in-law suites, guest houses and casitas, man caves, covered patio enclosures, work out spaces, women’s retreats, outdoor kitchens, bbq, fire pits, courtyard, and other outdoor living spaces, family studios, fireplace make-overs, home offices, hobby rooms and kids retreats like flex room and entertainment centers.
Wild Development treats every home remodeling project with professionalism and fervor to not only get the job done but also to exceed every customer’s expectations. The company specializes in creating “space” for their customers catering to their need of a personal area or a very private space. Trademark projects typical for this need of space concerns the kitchen, master bathroom and of course, the master bedroom. Wild Development LLC can literally turn an ordinary kitchen, bathroom or master bedroom to masterpieces that not only addresses functionality but also exudes in beauty and elegance that improve one’s quality of life in addition to adding value to the home.

Shading Systems Inc. 

Quality Solar Shading SolutionsShading Systems, Inc is the leading supplier and installer of high-end solar shading solutions catering to residential and commercial customers throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. The company pioneered the supply and installation of high quality motorized light control and window covering products in the New York Metropolitan region.
Shading Systems, offers the largest selection of high quality window shades, window treatment products, solar control products and shading systems. These great products include roller shades, skylight shades, folding shades, sunroom shades, drapery systems, exterior shades and retractable awnings. The company’s roller shade system is categorized into three namely: solar shades, privacy and blackout shades. Solar shades are designed to control the sunlight and heat penetrating a window while privacy shades allows for control over the view from the outside in. Blackout shades intend to shut out light totally usually in the case of bedrooms and media rooms.
For the materials used in these shading systems, the company offers a wide variety of fabrics and other materials to meet the functionality and style demands of any customer. The company also offers LEED certified “green” fabrics in adapting to the ever growing need and responsibility to protect the environment. Customers may also choose from the company’s selection of manual and motorized solar control systems. Shading Systems has over 25 years of experience in the industry it can provide solutions to address requirements for sun control, privacy or room darkening.

Advertising Tips For Small Handyman Business

Even if you have spent some years running your small business chances are that many of you may not have heard of small ‘handyman’ business. What is it and how is it different from any other business? Handyman business is essentially a type of business that helps the targeted customers to do things themselves. An example would explain this further. Not many people know how to repair a faucet, or a leaking tap in their bathroom. If you can give them the information which is aimed to help them repair a faucet or fix a leaking tap, you are doing small handyman business.

In this article you will be pointed to a resource that will help answer your myriad of questions.

Advertising tips for small handyman business 

What is the best way to start a small handyman business and what kind of advertising tips for small handyman business would work best? According to me, there is no better place to start a small handyman business than with your existing customers. This naturally means that the line of the handyman business that you start with has to be related to your existing business. Another example would simplify matters further. Imagine your current business deals with hair care products and solutions. Your small handyman business could be on topics ranging from the importance of herbal supplements for hair growth, how to prepare homemade massaging oil for proper hair care, how to sport fashionable wigs, and more. Then if your target customers who are essentially home-based women or sit-at-home moms, there are plenty of information that you can provide to this group, to keep them usefully occupied at home including baby care tips, cake baking tips etc.

The second aspect to keep your small handyman business is to use advertising tips for promoting your business. E mail campaigns, newsletters, blogging are some of the avenues to advertise your small handyman business. If the target group is already familiar with your company, then it is comparatively easier to approach them with your business claims. In case you want to tap a new market, then blogging at the relevant sites, forum postings, article submission, etc can be the right advertising tool for your small handyman business.

Before we finish talking about small handyman business, remember all other advertising techniques remain unaltered even when it is a small business. Be honest with your advertising claims and never fail your customer in any way. A small handyman business can be extremely profitable provided you run it efficiently. Remember, there is plenty of information people are searching for. All you need to find out is to find the type of information that you know you can supply to the right customer the right information at the right time.

Source: Mr. Handyman

Five Element Acupuncture: The underlying principles

Acupuncture is the use of needles to bring about healing by modifying the circulation of qi around the body. Qi (pronounced Chee) is a subtle form of energy that nourishes every part of the human being – mind, body, soul and spirit.

Qi moves in an invisible (but tangible) circuit around the body delivering sustenance through a network referred to as the Meridians. This network could be compared to the railway system of a large city that transports people to work and back every day. Some days it flows smoothly, but on other days there may be breakdowns, problems with the track or accidents that cause the system to grind to a halt.

Similarly, when the qi is moving correctly around the body, we are in a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. When there are blockages, or other disturbances in the flow, we experience dis-ease in the form of symptoms that can occur on any of these four levels of our being.

What are the Five Elements?

The five elements are five qualities of the qi. The names given to the elements reflect these qualities as follows:

• Fire energy is warming and rising

• Earth energy is grounding and stabilising

• Metal energy relates to quality and refinement

• Water energy is fluid and powerful

• Wood energy is forceful and youthful

The Causative Factor of Disease

In Five Element Acupuncture it is believed that one of the elements is always congenitally weaker than all of the others. This is the Causative Factor (CF) or, to put it another way, the weakest link in the system.

The Five Element Acupuncturist will endeavour to identify which is the CF and then strengthen that element. By strengthening the CF we then bring the whole system back into a good state of operation, a bit like when a broken railway track is replaced allowing the whole system to flow again.

Diagnosing the Causitive Factor

One of the greatest skills in Five Element Acupuncture is diagnosing which is the weakest part of the system. This is done by observing the client closely to see which of the elements is giving off the most distress signals.

For example, the Fire Element may be disturbed leading to feelings of vulnerability or betrayal. The Earth element may become stuck in a rut, with the client unable to move forward. The metal element may become tarnished making the patient ‘feel like rubbish’. The water element may become frozen with fear and the wood element may become baulked with frustration, lack of vision and depression.

This is where the real skill of 5 Element Acupuncture comes in. All of the senses need to be recruited in order to recognise which element is crying out the loudest for help. Since each of us is made of a unique blend of the five elements, this can be a very challenging.

With experience the practitioner gains the ability to ‘tune in’ more effectively allowing the CF to be sensed through the medium of sound (of the voice), colour (of the skin) odour and emotional expression.

Acupuncture Types – Japanese, Chinese, Korean Acupuncturists

Acupuncture is one form of complementary medicine which recently has significantly increased in popularity in the West. Due to the multiple health benefits associated with acupuncture, various health professionals, such as physiotherapists, doctors, nurses and dentists are also trained in this complementary therapy.

What is Japanese Acupuncture?

There are three main types of acupuncture, which include Japanese, Chinese and Korean acupuncture, although the use of needles to treat health problems is thought to have originated in China some 2,500 years ago. Japanese acupuncturists believe that health relies in energy or ‘ki’ being able to flow throughout the body, with acupuncture utilised to help rebalance this flow as a means of restoring good physical and mental well-being.

In Complementary Medicine For Dummies, Young (2007) highlights key features associated with Japanese acupuncture, to include the following:

  • very fine needles
  • shallow insertion
  • sometimes needles are simply touched against skin, not inserted
  • high emphasis on making treatment painless
  • needles placed in ‘shinkan’ or narrow tubes before insertion – makes it painless
  • individual specialist techniques used – such as ‘ippon hari’ or one needle acupuncture

What is Chinese Acupuncture?

As acupuncture is believed to have originated in China, it is not surprising that the Chinese take acupuncture very seriously, making it well worth seeking acupuncture treatment from a Chinese alternative medicine clinic. While other approaches to acupuncture may vary depending on which region of a country the acupuncturist trained, Chinese acupuncture is more standardised, which means that if you move town you can get the same treatment from another Chinese acupuncturist.

According to Young (2007), key aspects relating to Chinese acupuncture include as follows:

  • slightly thicker needles than those used in Japanese acupuncture
  • needles inserted directly by hand
  • aims to achieve ‘de qui’ or needling sensation when needles inserted
  • often less gentle than Japanese acupuncture

Understanding Korean Acupuncture

A third type of acupuncture, known as Korean acupuncture is usually less well-known in comparison to both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. However, it is likely that as with many alternative medicine approaches, the Korean type of acupuncture will also increase in popularity as its health benefits become more known. Young (2007) identifies that the key difference between Korean acupuncture and other types, is that Korean acupuncturists primarily focus on hand acupuncture to treat the whole body.

As highlighted above, acupuncture is a very popular form of complementary medicine, which is now used by doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, dentists and even vets. While Chinese acupuncture is most well-known, Japanese and Korean acupuncture are also used to treat a wide variety of health problems from asthma to diabetes, migraine to menstrual pains.

Transformational Life Coaching: An Alternative to Traditional Personal Coaching

The practice of Transformational Coaching is based upon the premise that most people have the resources within themselves to find solutions to all of their problems and reach their goals. What they really need, rather than having someone tell them what to do, or “fix” them, is a guide who can help them to find the answers themselves.

Designing a Coaching Relationship

Transformational Coaches believe that the quality of the relationship between the coach and the client is the foundation of the work between them. It has to be really solid in order for the client to have the success they are seeking.

This is probably true of any good personal coach, but Transformational Coaches tend to take it a step further by consciously discussing the relationship between themselves and the client at the very beginning of the coaching process. The coach lets the client know specifically where they stand in terms of issues like confidentiality. The coach makes it clear that the client’s agenda is the core of the process of coaching, rather than the agenda of the coach.

The coach will ask the client questions in order to understand what will make the client feel safe, such as “how do you want me to hold you accountable?” Does the client prefer to be held strictly to plans that are made together, or is it better for him to be given some space? Are there certain areas in which the client feels really vulnerable that the coach should know about ahead of time?

Transformational Coaches Use Deep Listening

Since Transformational Coaches believe that clients hold all the answers they need within themselves, and that they are already whole, it stands to reason that the most important tool they have to work with is their own ears. Listening deeply on many different levels is key.

Listening to the words that the client uses is only a part of the way a Transformational Coach will “hear.” Honing in on the tone of voice that is used and even more subtle clues, such as word choices, give the coach a great deal of information. If the coaching is in person, then body language adds to the coach’s listening bank.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, is the deepest type of listening, which is hard to put into words because it occurs at a level beneath the intellect. Some refer to this deep listening as intuition. Other coaches feel as though they are listening with their bodies or their guts.

Whatever type of listening is being used, and however it is defined by the coach, there are certain things that a Transformational Coach is looking for. The first thing to hear is what the client is saying and feeling right now. Who is this person in this moment of time? A good coach will make sure they have this right by reflecting back what they have heard and checking to see if the client feels understood.

Then the coach listens for a different message. They ask themselves, who is this client becoming? What are they hungry for? Where would they travel if nothing was holding them back?

The Transformational Coach’s Toolbox

In their work with a client, a Transformational Coach uses a broad range of tools. Some of them are the same tools that any personal coach would use, such as discussing the client’s dreams and goals. Transformational Coaches, like all life coaches, want to challenge their clients and ask them to stretch beyond what is initially comfortable for them.

The Transformational Coach, however, makes use of many more tools and they really delve into creative ways to achieve the client’s goals.

One of the first tools a coach will use is that of asking powerful questions. These are questions that can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” The client will have to think hard and dig deep in order to answer a powerful question. An example of a powerful question might be “who would you have to be in order to achieve that?” Another example might make use of a metaphor like, “if you were a sparrow, how would you behave at that party?” It sounds silly, but exercises like this can create streams of thought that open up new worlds for the client, and cause her to move beyond limiting beliefs about herself.

Use of the visual is another good tool. In some cases, a coach might ask a client to create a vision board. This is generally done with magazine clippings, photographs, fabric swatches, or any other visual materials. A vision board can be used to ask a client to visualize how they would like to see their life a year from now. It can also be used to ask a client to understand better what they are feeling about something right now, or it can answer a question such as, “how do I feel in my current job?.”

Another tool often used by the Transformational Coach is that of going deeper. “What is underneath that?” the coach might ask. If the client is not sure, the coach might ask them to make something up. That bit of fantasy often leads to clues to what the client is really feeling or seeking.

This is only a sampling of the types of tools that Transformational Coaches use to work with a client. If applied thoughtfully and skillfully these tools can cause deep and lasting change in a client’s life. This change goes beyond the superficial, and often temporary, changes that a person can make from their will, or from a suggestion by the coach.

The goal of a Transformational Life Coach is to help the client discover what is already there, waiting to be revealed to both the client and to the world.

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